She Saw Chainsaw Sculptress Denise WesolowskiBreast Cancer Ribbon

Original Fine Art Wood Sculptures

She Saw Creation Process

Denise Wesolowski started carving in 2008 at the age of 47. She is one of just a hand full of women chainsaw carving in the U.S. The interest in carving sparked after years of watching the work and craftsmanship of her husband in the home building business.

After surviving Breast Cancer, I decided that I wanted to start doing the things I always wanted to try, rather than just think about them, said Denise. I began carving slowly and with much care and safety.

I realize that I have gotten a rather late start in this art medium, but like any art, I don’t think you ever quit learning about new techniques. I have just a few years under my belt and realize that I am far from the “best” in comparison to what is out there, but I truly enjoy carving and my pieces continue to sell.

If you have an interest in anything that I carve or wish to have a custom carving done, please feel free to contact me at for an estimate.

I can also be reached at 920-609-4719.

I hope you enjoy some of the work that I have done.

Click this link to see a gallery of images showing various stages of the chainsaw sculpting process.

Contact Denise Wesolowski at (920) 865-7760 or e-mail